What Companies Should I Trade?

Now, part of that will be predicated on what you can afford to trade, and what you’re comfortable to trade. You may say, “Rob, you know, I’ve done this for a little bit now, I’ve traded a few stocks, and when they get up above $50 or $70, yeah, I get a little bit worried […]

Picking Up Change

Due to the trading hours for futures market and the margin requirement increase between 5:00 -6:00 pm ET, most traders prefer to day trade or scalp the E-mini futures. Since many of us still have a job or other obligations in our lives, trading portions of the day and picking up change is a wonderful […]

Trading for newbies

Trading, generally, is a highly technological field that does not only require potential participants to have some understanding on what a specific profession is or how it works however likewise thorough expertise of just what goes within a specific profession. In other words, standard knowledge is not as helpful as many assume it is. Specialized […]